Our shows and productions

Our productions are based on our own ideas and experiences. DIY’s Core Company meets weekly and has been creating entertaining, accessible and thought-provoking theatre since 1994. We use lots of different art forms and try to make our work as accessible as possible.

I Wish Everything Was Back to Normal!

“I Wish Everything Was Back to Normal!” When Lockdown was announced in March 2020 DIY members started exploring different ways of telling our stories. Because live theatre was no longer available to us we had to find other ways to connect creatively with each-other as performers and with our audiences. We turned to a combination […]

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Photo: Following Patient 36

Following Patient 36

Following Patient 36 is DIY’s performance piece exploring Learning Disability History and the resilience of people with learning disabilities in Salford and Greater Manchester. Following Patient 36 in 2020 During the early part of 2020 DIY developed a positive relationship with the Working Class Movement Library in Salford, which was once itself a hostel for people […]

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Photo: MADHOUSE re:exit

MADHOUSE re:exit

DIY actors played Patient 36 built on the legacy of Mabel Cooper, a learning disabled activist and resident of a long-stay hospital who refused to be silent. This was an incredibly moving performance and taught us a lot about what it was like to live as a learning disabled person in earlier times.

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Photo: The House of Bernada Alba

The House of Bernada Alba

DIY actors worked with Graeae Theatre Company at The Royal Exchange Theatre to create a strolling piece to accompany Graeae’s production of The House of Bernada Alba.

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Photo: Give Me Space!

Give Me Space!

Give Me Space! was DIY Theatre Company’s second interactive, multi-sensory show for PMLD audiences. It blasted off into space to explore the universe, touring extensively during 2018 and 2019.

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Photo: Following the Thread

Following the Thread

DIY’s first show for audience members with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) took audiences on a multi-sensory watery journey, accompanied by Woolly, their magical guide.

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Photo: Don’t Call me Babe!

Don’t Call me Babe!

“Don’t Call Me Babe!” featured two sparkly travel agents Anthony and Samuel and a pair of very shiny shoes. The play was devised by company members, working with playwright Danny Start and centred on the relationship between two arguing lovers.

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Photo: Ellie’s Story

Ellie’s Story

“Ellie’s Story” asked whether we can ever escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and find a bit of peace and quiet? Would Ellie’s special remote control allow her to zap a bit of space for herself?

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