Gamechangers Leadership Profiles

DIY gamechangers logo; 'DIY' and 'gamechangers' at the top. Underneath we can see colourful stick figures balancing on each other. The ones at the top are moving the letters of 'gamechangers'

DIY’s Gamechangers have created their own profiles to express how they see themselves as leaders.

The Gamechangers profile images have been developed with DIY Associate Artist Audrey Albert.

Each Gamechanger decided how they wanted to be portrayed including their preferred colours, the background to the image and the props and objects they wanted to be included.

Every image is very different because every Gamechanger is very different! We have different personalities and we all have different ways of leading which are informed by their lived experience of learning disability.



photo: a young very smiley man is looking at us. We can see part of a cartoon style drawing behind him with what looks like a yellow eye in an angry face.Adam Leech

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round photo: a close up of a young woman posing for the photo. She has her hair tied back off her face and is wearing dark framed glasses. She has dimples and a big smile that makes her eyes crinkle up. Behind her we can see a drawing of a dolphin above her head.

Amy Carter

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photo: A woman with blond hair and dark sunglasses is sitting in profile. There is a strange blue tinge to the image.Angela Chadwick

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photo: we can see an orange and white stripy fish and the face of a woman with long, very light hair. Thebackground is blue making us think this is an underwater scene. The woman is looking at the fish and it looks like she is talking to it.Anna Ward

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photo: we can see a womans head and her raised right arm and hand. The woman looks middle aged, she has short brown hair and is wearing glasses. Her hand is raised as if she is making a point to emphasise what she is saying. Cathy Rothwell

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photo: A close up of a young woman is looking at us and smiling. She has rosy cheeks and wavey brown hair with a wonky parting. She isnt wearing any make up. Above her there is an orange square with a white question mark.Charlotte Little

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photo: A young woman is looking at the camera but her eyes are not looking in quite the same direction. She has pale curly ginger hair which is tied back from her face. Her lips are open but her teeth are together as if she is about to say something or make a noise. She is wearing a feather boa which is the brightest of bright reds.Chloe Crispin

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photo: a very young man is looking at us, his lips are pursed as if he is saying 'ooh' He has short dark hair and is wearing glasses with slim frames. We can see some red feathers around his neck and the top of the picrue has red, white and dark blue lines in an arc.James

More on James to come soon…

photo: face of a man dressed with a red and black striped jesters hat on. Behind him we can see grey clouds. If you look closely you can see that there are skull and crossbone images on the black parts of the costume. The man is looking at us and half smiling. Mike Corfield

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photo: a round artistic image. We can see the head of a young man in profile. He has short dark hear and is wearing glasses with black frames. He is looking thoughtful and his left hand is raised up. The image is trasparent and unclear with what looks like another picture of countryside shining through.

Scott Lawrie

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We are very grateful for the support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for DIY’s Gamechangers programme.

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