illustration showing how DIY leads using 'sharing, empathy, listening, taking in turns, think BIG, believe'

People with Learning Disabilities are not often seen as leaders, so we think it’s really important to show that we can and should be leaders.

DIY Theatre Company is really interested in thinking about and doing leadership. If we always see leaders as “heroic” individuals then only very special, charismatic people can be leaders. If on the other hand we think that leadership is about people and relationships, then leadership can be much more fluid and shared – people can be both leaders and followers and more than one person can be involved in leadership at the same time.

In this section you will find out about DIY’s Friday Group of adult leaders with learning disabilities and about the work DIY is developing to support the leadership of young people with learning disabilities in transition to adulthood. You will also find information about the research we have been involved in, our Leaders with Lived Experience project and how we are opening up conversations about Leadership within Learning Disability Theatres more widely.

In this section: