How to take part

DIY offers a range of creative activities for adults and young people and children with learning disabilities.

We have also developed a number of Digital resources which can be accessed in this section.

In this section:

  • Working with adults with learning disabilities – DIY Theatre’s courses for adults with a learning disability.
  • Working with young people with learning disabilities – DIY Theatre’s clubs and groups for young people.
  • Youth Drama Sessions find out what we do and how to join. (For young people interested in improving their leadership and employability skills please visit our Young Leaders Sessions page.)
  • Training for artists – our range of training for practitioners and cultural organisations in areas such as creative evidencing and inclusive practice.
  • Give Digital A Go – DIY found ways to support and encourage our members – both adults and young people with learning disabilities – to start using digital technologies. Here we have gathered resources that we hope will help you to enjoy your time online.
  • Resources sharing resources DIY has developed to support creative work with people with learning disabilities.