Find out more about what DIY is planning and see the diffence we have made.

Also included on this page are some of our policies. DIY has a number of policies and procedures which help the organisation to run smoothly. Go to the Policies

DIY’s Theory of Change

DIY’s Theory of Change guides all our planning and development. It has been developed through extensive consultation and visioning sessions involving DIY members, staff,  Board & Advisory Group.

We have created it to help us evaluate how individual creative projects contribute to longer term impacts. We are using it as a framework for planning & evaluation. It was adopted in February 2022 & covers a three year time-span starting April 2022. It is a working document and will be reviewed at regular intervals.

Click to view Our Theory of Change

The Difference we make – some recent reports and evaluations of our work:

Summary Evaluation of DIY’s 4 x 8 Inclusive Music Programme.

copy of the front cover of the summary evaluation. It shows a photo of peopple picking instruments out of a box with a banner with the title 'Summary Evaluation of DIY's 4 x 8 Inclus Music Training Programme' and a copy of the Youth Music logo

The central idea behind the 4 x 8 programme was that musicians interested in developing their inclusive practice would work collaboratively with DIY leaders with learning disabilities. Funded by Youth Music, the programme was completed in 2023.

Click to view the Summary Evaluation Report, or you can access the full report – Mapping the Journeys of DIY Young Leaders and Musicians.

Recent Impact Reports:

front cover image of DIY's 2022-23 Impact report. Click to get a PDF of the full document. "The difference we made" is in large violet letters with "DIY's Impact Report for the year ending March 20223" There is a big photo of two people in a grassy area trhowing things in the air. There are 3 small photos; a group of people in a room posing for the camera, a close up of a stuffed yellow beaked creature with bulging eyes, a person with many thin silvery dangling things in front of their face.

Click the image to see The difference we made, our Impact Report for 2022-23


Click to see 'The difference we made, DIY Theatre's Impact Report for 2021-2022

Click the image above to see The difference we made, our Impact Report for 2021-2022

Click to see What DIY did in 2020 - our Impact Summary Report

Click the image to see What DIY did in 2020 – our Impact Summary Report

Earlier Impact Reports

An Evaluation of DIYs Passing the Baton Programme.

Passing the Baton was a 3 year DIY programme, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, which ended in 2022.

View the Passing the Baton Programme evaluation in PDF format

Cover image of the Evaluation of DIY's Passing the Baton Programme

Some of DIY’s Policies and Procedures

Easy Read copies of our Policies:

Long versions of DIY’s Policies


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