We have a number of policies and procedures which help the organisation to run smoothly. Some of these are included as PDFs below.

In this section we have also included recent reports and evaluations of our work and our most recent 3 Year Plan and our Theory of Change which guides all our planning and development.

Some of our Policies and Procedures

Find out more about DIY through evaluations, plans and impact reports of our work

Our Theory of Change

DIY’s Theory of Change has been developed through extensive consultation and visioning sessions involving DIY members, staff,  Board & Advisory Group.
We have created it  to  help us  evaluate how individual creative projects contribute to longer term impacts. We are using it as a framework for planning & evaluation.

It was adopted in February 2022 & covers a three year time-span starting April 2022. It is a working document and will be reviewed at regular intervals.

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An Evaluation of DIY’s Passing the Baton Programme 2019-2022.

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Cover image of the Evaluation of DIY's Passing the Baton Programme

We’re gonna do it Our Way! 3 year Development Plan

Click the image to see our 3 Year Development Plan for Jan 2019 to December 2021

'We're gonna do it Our Way!' with a photo of DIY members making music - click to see our 3 year plan for 2019 to 2021

Our Impact Report – What DIY did in 2020

Click the image to see our latest Impact Summary Report

What DIY did in 2020 - our Impact Summary Report

Earlier Impact Reports