Enjoy Your Time Online – film

Photo: Enjoy Your Time Online – film

‘Enjoy Your Time Online’ is a film created by DIY’s Leadership Group to encourage people with learning disabilities and their supporters to overcome their digital monsters and give digital a go. It was made during the Covid Lockdowns of 2020-21, when  members worked with DIY Associate Artist, Hilary Easter-Jones, to explore their lived experience of the pandemic.

Before the pandemic it was widely accepted that many people with learning disabilities were experiencing digital exclusion. Many factors contributed to this including very limited access to equipment, lack of confidence and lack of support in using technology. Once the pandemic hit people with lived experience of learning disability became even more disadvantaged and isolated.
‘Enjoy Your Time Online’ is based on DIY’s own members’ lived experience of digital exclusion when the Covid Pandemic started. It shows how DIY leaders created ‘Digital Monsters’ to represent their feelings of frustration and nerves when they first started going online. It also captures the enjoyment and sense of achievement members experienced once they were able to access the digital world – an enjoyment and sense of achievement that DIY leaders are keen to pass on to others through making this film.

Enjoy Your Time Online film:

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‘Enjoy Your Time Online’ was created as part of DIY’s Digital Leaders programme. Our thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund for their support for this programme during 2021/2.

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  • DIY At Home Event (online)

    1st June 2021
  • Film Launch Event

    24 June for Disability Arts Week 2021
  • Creative Minds Network

    20th October 2021
  • Artschain Network (online)

    25th November 2021
  • LEx Leaders Network Event

    26th April 2022
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