Join DIY for the Premier of our new film on July 17th

Photo: Join DIY for the Premier of our new film on July 17th

“I Wish Everything Was Back to Normal!”

DIY members have made a new film which will be Premiered on Friday July 17th. Working online with film maker Hilary Easter-Jones, different DIY members have recorded sections which are brought together in this film. The film gives members personal views of their experiences of Lockdown.

At 12.30pm on Friday 17th July DIY will be Premiering our new film “I Wish Everything Was Back to Normal: DIY’s View of Lockdown”

Please join us on YouTube for the Premier on Friday 17th July at 12.30pm.
We look forward to hearing your feedback and if you’ve got any questions please let us know – email:


Progress on Lockdown Song

In our News post in early June we reported how DIY were using Lockdown as the inspiration for song-writing and shared with you some of our work.

As part of our song-writing project with Sarah Atter we have now made another song called “We’re all in this Together”. Here are two of the verses – all about the things we’ve all been doing during Lockdown


I’m keeping busy

And trying to keep fit

I’m learning to dance and I’m running a bit

Watching some films

And playing LPs

We’re all in this together 


I’m learning to cook

And I’m writing a play

I’m painting some rainbows for NHS staff

I’m doing some sewing

And colouring in

We’re all in this together


Watch this space to find out how you can listen to the recordings very soon!