We’re still creating… during lockdown!

Photo: We’re still creating… during lockdown!

Even though we are all in lockdown and can’t meet face to face, DIY members have continued to be amazingly active and creative during this challenging time.

Some of the things we have been doing include:

Resource Packs

Every week DIY has sent out resource packs to our artists and regular participants. Some of these have had themes – for example, Hebe has sent out a ‘Bear-hunt’ pack and a ‘Circus’ pack. Claire has sent out textiles packs and Leah has created colouring books with original art-work which have been very popular. We’ve sent out one pack about making films and another about song-writing. Many DIY artists have been sharing what they have been creating on DIY’s private Facebook page.

Working towards Silver and Gold Arts Awards

DIY Young Leaders have been developing their own creative challenges and some have been working towards their Silver and Gold Arts Awards. Scott has been hosting a weekly radio show on Facebook Live and Adam has been helping him to promote the show. Charlotte has been setting regular rhythm challenges and Amy has been creating a series of drama videos as part of her leadership challenge.

Using Lockdown as Inspiration

We’ve also been creating a new DIY song with musician Sarah Atter. The chorus has already been recorded by David and Becky – over the phone:

“I’m in a distance of my own.




The “bridge” section of the song has been recorded by DIY members:

“We’re never not connecting

Creating and Connecting

We never stop Connecting

Calling and Connecting

We’re never not connecting

Caring and Connecting

We think about each other 

But we have to stay at home”

We’re looking forward to working on the verses over the next few weeks and sharing the song once it’s finished!

New sections on our website:

Logo for 'Create + Connect!' DIY's new project whilst staying safe at home

Create & Connect resources can now be found via our Resources section of click here

Our Create & Connect page brings together lots of ideas and resources to use while DIY and other artists with learning disabilities are staying safe at home during the Coronavirus outbreak. Creativity has never been more needed in terms of our health and well-being, so we have set out this section using the headings of the 5 ways to wellbeing; connect, keep active, take notice, give and learn.

Delivering Arts Award from a Distance

DIY Theatre Company has started to pull together another section of ideas and resources for those delivering Arts Award with children and young people with learning disabilities during these challenging times of Covid-19 Lockdown.

Sue talked about some of these resources as part of a ‘Lunchtime Chat’ Webinar for Trinity London on Monday 1st June.

Visit our Arts Award Support page for more.