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Photo: Arts Award with young people with learning disabilities

Delivering Arts Award from a Distance

DIY Theatre Company have put together a few ideas and resources for those delivering Arts Award with children and young people with learning disabilities during these challenging times of Covid-19 Lockdown.

Not everybody we work with has the same access to, or the same skills and confidence in using, digital platforms. What has worked best for us so far is a combination of digital resources and more traditional ‘resource packs’. Sue talked about some of these resources as part of a  ‘Lunchtime Chat’ Webinar for Trinity London on Monday 1st June. Trained Arts Award Advisers can view the webinar.

This section reflects this balance of different approaches.

Additional resources can be found on our ‘Create + Connect!’ page.

Explore Arts Award

Explore is an Entry Level Three qualification. 

It has 4 parts:

For Part A – ‘Inspire’ – young people are introduced to 2 different arts activities and express what they like best, about them.

DIY has created some resource sheets to introduce young people to different activities they can do at home, with limited resources. Don’t forget young people also need to say what they liked about each activity .

Here are some examples of the resources that DIY have been using: 

For Part B – ‘Explore’ – young people find out about Artists & Arts Organisations.

DIY has created some sheets about DIY company members and about DIY Theatre Company as an organisation.

Find out about some of DIY Actors:

Find out about DIY Theatre Company by completing our resource sheet ‘Find out about DIY’ and watching some of the company’s videos about our work:

For Part C – ‘Create’ – young people create a piece of artwork which demonstrate Arts Skills.

For each stage the process of creating the artwork must be demonstrated.

Examples of activities appropriate for Part C include: 

Learn how to make a ‘zine’ with our Circus Zine template. Then design and make a unique zine based on your own ideas and interests.

Learn how to play the rhythm to Harry Potter with these 3 videos put together for us by Musician Sarah Atter, then make up and record your own rhythm.

  • Rhythm video 1 – Sarah leads us in learning the words for our Harry Potter chant.
  • Rhythm video 2 – drumming with wooden spoons.
  • Rhythm video 3 –  Sarah shows us how to play the Harry Potter Rhythm In A Round!

Bronze Arts Award

 Bronze Arts Award is Level 1 qualification. It has 4 parts:

For Part B – explore the arts as an audience member  – young people create a review and share it with others.

DIY has created a simple template for a review which members are sharing on our private Facebook Group.

For Part C – arts inspiration – young people research an artist, craftsperson or arts practitioner and share their research with others.

We have created a resource sheet for decorating a shoe box based on your research into a artist or craftsperson.

For Part D – arts skill share – young people pass on their arts skills or knowledge to others.

Young learners must plan their skill share, deliver it and then evaluate how it went.

DIY members have been sharing skills including circus skills, rhythms and songs – in videos posted on DIY’s private Facebook Group.
An alternative is to create a ‘How To’ guide.
  • Take a look at some of our ‘How To’ guides as inspiration for you to design and share your own.

Silver Arts Award

Silver is a Level Two qualification. It has 2 units:

For Unit Two – arts leadership – young people identify, plan, carry out and review an arts leadership challenge.

An important part of Unit 2 is that young people reflect on the skills and qualities needed for leadership and reflect on the skills they would like to develop as leaders.

DIY has developed a resource which supports young people to think about leadership and what it means to them, before planning their own arts challenge.

We have also created a video to help you think about leadership:

Gold Arts Award – CASE STUDY

Gold is a Level Three qualification.  It has 2 units.

Unit 1 – Part A : Extend Own Arts Practice

Young people set themselves an arts challenge using an art form which is new to them. They create a new work which is influenced by their original art form and their new art form practice.

DIY Young Leader Amy was working with advanced practitioner film-maker Hilary Easter Jones before Lockdown as part of her Arts Challenge. Suddenly training sessions had to move online. This short video gives an insight into how Amy worked with film-maker Hilary Easter-Jones during Lockdown as part of her Unit 1 Arts Challenge for her Gold Arts Award.

Unit 2 – Leadership of an Arts Project

For her Unit 2 Young Leader Amy has been running a series of drama sessions online, which have been shared with DIY membership via our private Facebook Group. This second short video was created by Amy and film-maker Hilary Easter-Jones and provides Top Tips for how to film experiences of Lockdown on a mobile phone.

Amy also created a paper-based version of her Top Tips which could be sent out in a resource pack to those who have limited access to digital platforms.


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If you are doing your Arts Award we may be able to help

DIY Theatre Company is also an Arts Award Supporter. That means if you are doing your Arts Award we may be able to offer you
  • opportunities to talk with our actors / creative team (finding out about artists)
  • opportunities to find out about DIY Theatre company as an organisation
  • drama workshops and activities towards your Arts Award
  • activity sheets to help you document what you do with us – so that it can help evidence your Arts Award
  • volunteering opportunities
Contact us to discuss how we can support you with your Arts Award projects and programmes.

Arts Award Support Visits

Visits can either help you to get going with Arts Award or be used to refresh or build your knowledge.

Remote Arts Award support is still available during lockdown!

  • Are you a trained Arts Award Adviser who would like a visit to your organisation to discuss your planning or help you prepare for moderation?
  • Are you interested in attending Arts Award training but want a bit more support to consider how Arts Award might be introduced into your organisation?

Request a Remote Arts Award Support Visit.  at: