It’s not just about the drama!

Photo: It’s not just about the drama!

New Year, New Courses, New Skills!

There is much more to theatre than acting and performing! Because of this DIY Theatre Company provides a variety of learning opportunities.

Over the years DIY has run a wide range of courses including performance skills, sound and voice, volunteering and visual arts. Two visual arts courses are very popular – ‘Making for Theatre’ and ‘Print and Stitch’. Funded by Community Learning at Salford City College, both are run by DIY’s Visual Artist Claire Hignett.

It’s the New Year, time to learn new skills!

Starting in January 2020 we have 2 new courses on offer. Anyone with a learning disability is welcome in these sessions. DIY Visual Artist Claire tailors the work to the individual so everyone is included whatever their ability.

Along the way students also learn some reading, writing and maths. For example, because making involves careful measuring, if students are designing with circles they will learn about diameters.

Print and Stitch is a quiet group that keeps things nice and simple. Making for Theatre, is a busier group, which looks at things a bit more in depth.

Sessions are based at Langworthy Cornerstone, 451 Liverpool St, Salford M6 5QQ.

If you want to join please get in touch please email, or phone 0161 212 4984.

Print and Stitch – here you can learn and develop textile skills.

Wednesdays – 10am to 12 noon
15 January to 25 March (no session 26 Feb) – 10 weeks

Print and Stitch sessions are very quiet and calm. They are aimed at encouraging people to share a space together while enjoying making stuff and concentrating. This term we will make a piece of textile art and tote bag using simple sewing and printing to experiment with pattern and colour.

Making for Theatre – here you can learn about things like costume and scenery.

Thursdays – 10am to 12 noon
16 January – 26 March (no session 27 Feb) – 10 weeks

In Making for Theatre Claire uses the idea that theatre is about telling stories. In the past students have made puppets, masks and props to tell their own stories and put themselves in imaginary places. When DIY were performing ‘Give Me Space!’ we made puppets of ourselves to take on an adventure similar to the story in the play. We imagined that we were were kidnapped by aliens and taken to a party planet and had to use the props we had made to get home.

This term the sessions will involve exploring identity as an individual and as a group. This will include making badges, banners and designing a T-shirt for ourselves. We will be creating work for an exhibition that will support the core company’s performance of ‘Following patient 36’. Go to our show page for more information

The work we make will form part of an exhibition for Manchester Histories Festival 2020!

Why not come along and start your New Year by trying something new?