Following Patient 36 Sharing Event

Photo: Following Patient 36 Sharing Event

Please visit our show page for more information on our work on Following Patient 36.

Please join DIY at the New Adelphi Theatre on the 5th July.  We want to share what we have found out about Learning Disability History.

Friday 5th July at 1-30pm

Studio, Adelphi Theatre, University of Salford, University Road M5 4BK.

DIY have been researching and conducting interviews into Learning Disability History. This included talking with people who have had experience of Care in the Community in our own area of Salford.

DIY will use what what we have learnt and interviews we have gathered to inform and enrich our next show. We’ve been working with film-maker Hilary Easter-Jones and designer Nerissa Cargill Thompson on how we can do this. We’ve been experimenting with how we can combine live performance with film, and how we can include interviews and archive materials in the show.

During July 2019, DIY will be holding a residency at the New Adelphi Theatre at Salford University. The residency will culminate in a sharing of where we’re up to with research and development towards our performance piece “Following Patient 36”.

There’s so much that we’ve found out and more that we have yet to explore. We’ve still got a long way to go – but we’d like to share where we’re up to and get some feedback and comments from our friends and supporters about what we’ve done to date. 

A word of caution, some of the content of this show is upsetting.

DIY are now Associate Artists of the New Adelphi Theatre.

The new Adelphi building opened in 2016 and is developing into a new home for music, performance, art, design and architecture students. It is providing a rich environment for creativity, arts and culture. DIY have strong links with University of Salford’s second year module, Theatre and Communities, which is led by Dr Sheila McCormick.

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