Launching our Gamechangers Leadership Profiles – marking Disability History Month

Photo: Launching our Gamechangers Leadership Profiles – marking Disability History Month

DIY Gamechangers is DIY’s Creative Leadership Training Programme, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. It is making a difference by increasing the opportunities available for creative leaders with lived experience of learning disability.

Now, DIY Gamechangers have created a series of profiles that express our individual identities as leaders. The profiles have been launched on a special section of the DIY website. Visit our brand new Gamechangers Profiles section to find out more about us!

Each profile includes an individual image which expresses how we see ourselves as creative leaders. The photographs were developed with DIY Associate Artist Audrey Albert. Each Gamechanger decided how we wanted to be portrayed including our preferred background and the props and objects we wanted to be included.

As well as the fantastic images, each profile highlights what is important to DIY’s creative leaders – our leadership memories and our favourite things about leadership.

My favourite part of being a Gamechanger is…helping people to learn new skills.”


My favourite thing about being a Gamechanger is… taking pictures to share with our marketing team on the iPad. I also love seeing my friends at Gamechangers”


My favourite thing about being a Gamechanger is… being the boss at interviews.”

photo-montage there is a big photo and 4 small round photos. The big picture has a man dressed as a jester floating in the clouds! The round pics each have the face of a different person in them. They are all doing different things.

Each image is very different because every Gamechanger is different – we have different personalities and we all have different ways of leading which build on our lived experience of learning disability.

Visit our brand new Gamechangers Profiles section of the website to find out more about us!


Commemorating UK Disability History Month 2023

This launch coincides with the start of UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) which runs from 16th November to 16th December 2023.

The focus of UKDHM this year is the theme of ‘Disability Childhood and Youth’ and it offers a great opportunity to highlight the cultural education work DIY Gamechangers have done and continue to co-lead in Special Schools and colleges. DIY’s cultural education work opens up new opportunities to children and young people with learning disabilities and enables them to express themselves in lots of creative ways.


We are very grateful for the support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for DIY’s Gamechangers programme.

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