Images to represent us as leaders

Photo: Images to represent us as leaders

Gamechangers are working on their Leadership Profiles

DIY Gamechangers is DIY’s Creative Leadership Training Programme, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

As part of the training programme DIY’s Gamechangers have been creating their own profiles to express how they see themselves as leaders – to portray their unique leadership styles. The completed profiles will be brought together and promoted from a new section of the DIY website.

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words – so a major part of the profiles is going to be a professional photograph!

The process of creating our Gamechangers profiles started with a session with the amazing Audrey Albert. She began by asking everyone to create a mood board about their own individual ideas of leadership. These were the starting point to find out what was needed in each persons photograph. Each Gamechanger decided on their preferred colours and the background as well as choosing the props and any significant objects they wanted to be included.

Then we started to work with Audrey to create our images!

In the photography sessions, we make photos through creative visual exercises, games, prompts and conversations. We use ourselves as inspiration by exploring our hobbies, our memories, our identities, and our roles as leaders. These all shape the final visuals we create. The photography sessions are led by the Gamechangers members in terms of what stories they would like to tell and how they decide to tell these stories.’
Audrey Albert

photo: close up of a person holding a red felt tip pen. We can only see their hands a little of their top but not their face. Most of the photo is taken up with the top of a table where the person is working on a large sheet of white paper. As well as their drawing - which looks like it is going to be a fish - we can see a green feather, a big bright bue feather, some red paper and different coloured fluffy balls. Some of these look glittery. This is the start of Anna's mood board for her unique leadership image. The bottom of the picture is blurry but we can make out some scissors and coloured paper.

We can see a young woman with blond hair and blue eyes. She is a little cross eyed and is holding her head back a bit, possibly to look at the camera better. She is sitting and holding a large sheet of paper on which is a picture of the seaside with blue sky, 2 green fluffy balls and 4 or 5 different sized fluffy balls. This is Chloe's with the start of a mood board for her unique leadership image.

photo: A young man is looking at the camera. He is smiling and confident. He is holding up a sheet of paper with 'MANCHESTER STORM' in hand coloured purple and yellow letters. This is the start of his mood board for his unique leadership image.

Each image will be very different because, although we are all Gamechangers, we all have different personalities and we all have different things we want to say and communicate through our profiles.


We are planning to launch the new Gamechangers section in the Autumn, so watch out for some amazing photos!

A young woman and a young man are sitting at a table. They look like they are messing about, having fun and laughing. They are holding each others hands and holding these up between them. The young woman is also holding up a pen or glue stick. On the desk in front of them are coloured pens and stickers alongside sheets of paper. Behind them is a large double door and a notice board with lots of pieces of paper on, coloured hearts and in the middle a piece which says 'All About Me'

Our Gamechangers worked hard but we also had fun!

Are you interested in becoming a Gamechanger?

Gamechangers meet every Friday from 10am to 2pm at The Angel Centre in Salford.

We are looking for new Gamechangers to make change happen so if you’re interested in getting involved…..please contact Molly on

Keep up to date with our Gamechangers webpage


We are very grateful for the support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for DIY’s Gamechangers programme.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation logo


 Our New Leading Edge Coordinator

A big welcome to Mary O’Neill who has been appointed as our new Leading Edge Coordinator! Leading Edge is DIY’s ambitious Employability and Community Engagement programme for leaders with lived experience of learning disability. It began in September 2022 and will be funded for three years by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Mary has been working with DIY’s core company since 2018 and we are very much looking forward to working with her in her new role.

photo: there are 3 people in a room with a big wipe board and screen. All 3 people are standing but doing different things. There is a young woman on the right. She is wering a bright red t-shirt that looks too big for her. She is holding her arms out to the sides. Just behind her is a man who is also in a red t-shirt. He is holding both hands infront of his chest and looks like he is pointing to a watch. Next to him there is another young man. He has his right arm by his side but is holding his left arm up and pointing. His clothes are dark.

Mary working with two of DIY’s Gamechanger Leaders earlier this year.

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