Being the change we want to see in the world…

Photo: Being the change we want to see in the world…

Gamechangers is DIY’s ambitious Leadership Training programme for leaders with lived experience of learning disability. The programme will run for 3 years thanks to funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


DIY Gamechangers – backing creative leaders

Gamechangers is our exciting new programme for adults with learning disabilities who want to explore creative leadership skills in an accessible and supportive space. Gamechangers uses drama to allow each person to explore their own unique leadership identities and to see how people can lead in different ways. Gamechangers sessions offer training opportunities designed to support participants to secure a role in the creative sector.  These include practical sessions in co-creation, emergency first aid at work and British Sign Language.

DIY Gamechangers want to show that anyone can be a brilliant creative leader, whether they have a learning disability or not!


We’ve been exploring what we want to change…

When asked about what they want to change by being a Gamechanger, current members of the group have spoken about how they want to

  • make the creative industry more open to artists with learning disabilities,
  • ‘inspire’ and ‘support’ others,
  • show that anyone can be a brilliant creative leader, whether they have a learning disability or not!

We’ve already made a start…

DIY gamechangers logo; 'DIY' and 'gamechangers' at the top. Underneath we can see colourful stick figures balancing on each other. The ones at the top are moving the letters of 'gamechangers'

Our brand new logo has just been launched. We hope it represents the friendly and inclusive space that Gamechangers is… check it out!

Simon Ruding, PhD FRSA and Director of TiPP, delivered safeguarding training for DIY’s Gamechangers in January. He got us thinking about what it really means to be ‘vulnerable’. Some of our members were worried that Safeguarding training might be difficult to understand, but everyone described the session as ‘fun and enjoyable’!

We can see a big group of people in a big sunny room. They are posing for the camera and some are sitting in wheelchairs and on the floor at the front with others behind. They look happy and some are doing a thumbs up.

In February our Gamechangers did Training in How to Safeguard Young People with Simon Ruding from TiPP. We learnt a lot about health and safety and what the word vulnerable means. Members described Simon as fun, reassuring and a bit of a joker’

We also had a session with Gill from Salford CVS to start the process of sorting our DBS checks. Big thanks to Gill for taking time out of her busy schedule to come and assist us!

Shout out to the brilliant Renee a student from Manchester City College. She is on a placement with us to learn about working with, and leading creative workshops for, young people with learning disabilities. Renee has introduced us to a new drama game and visual arts activities that we really enjoyed. She has already grown in confidence so much, and we are excited to continue working with her!

More great sessions are on the way…

We’ve done so much in a short time and we have lots more ideas for the year ahead.

Soon we are going are going to be working with super creative photographer Audrey Albert. She is going to help us to create images of our individual identities as leaders. We are planing to set up a special section on the website for our Gamechangers profiles later in the year. We cannot wait to unveil the photographs we create, already members are thinking about some cool and creative props ideas!

We are also going to be creating individual leadership profiles. DIY Leader Becky has already created a fantastic Leadership portfolio full of brilliant ideas and pictures.

Oh and did we mention plans to make a Gamechangers jingle and learning how to lead drama games using BSL!

Interested in becoming a Gamechanger?

Gamechangers meet every Friday from 10am to 2pm at The Angel Centre in Salford.

We are looking for new Gamechangers to make change happen so if you’re interested in getting involved…..please contact Molly on

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photo of a young many in a stripey shirt. He is smiling and holding up a poster which says 'Proud, Leadership, DIY'. It is very colourful and has some people drawn at the end. He is also showing us the thumbs up sign.


We are very grateful for the support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for DIY’s Gamechangers programme.

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