Overcome your digital monster and ‘Enjoy Your Time Online’

Photo: Overcome your digital monster and ‘Enjoy Your Time Online’

DIY’s new film will help you ‘Enjoy Your Time Online’

DIY is currently developing an exciting Digital Leaders project, funded by the National Lottery Community fund. As part of Learning Disability Arts Week 2021 DIY launched our new film ‘Enjoy Your Time Online’.

‘Enjoy Your Time Online’ is a film created by DIY’s Friday Group to encourage other people with learning disabilities to overcome their digital monsters and give digital a go.

Our Friday Group started off the project discussing their personal experiences of the online world and the challenges and barriers they have faced in getting online. They created ‘Digital Monsters’ to represent the feelings of frustration and nerves they experienced when they first started but also the enjoyment and fun they now experience through the digital world.

Members of DIY’s Friday Group then worked with drama workers Nikki and Jade and with Film-maker Hilary Easter-Jones to make this film. It shares their personal experiences and how they overcame the challenges – the monsters – they faced. The group hope their film will support other people with learning disabilities to access the online world with confidence and above all have fun.

Young Leaders create Digital Superhero

Meanwhile, DIY Young Leaders have also been developing their own ideas around Digital Leadership. They have been working with Photographer Audrey Albert to create a series of images based on their own understandings and experiences of leadership. Young Leaders have been capturing abstract images by experimenting with the camera settings on their digital devices. They have also been creating sun prints – choosing objects which represent leadership to them and creating photographs of these without cameras, using just the sun. DIY’s Young Leaders have also been exploring the ways in which their experiences as young people with disability labels have shaped how they are leaders in a digital world. They’ve even created their own Digital Superhero, who supports others to be leaders – because after all, we all work together to share leadership!

The Young Leaders will be creating a digital gallery to share their images and views on digital leadership which will be launched later this year. They cannot wait to show you all that they’ve created during this exciting project.

The National Lottery Community Fund’s Lived Experience Leaders programme

During 2021 and 2022, DIY Theatre Company is one of 49 organisations taking part in The National Lottery Community Fund’s Lived Experience Leaders programme.

The programme offers a fantastic opportunity for DIY members to create links with other Lived Experience Leaders from across the UK and to the wider Lived Experience Leaders Movement (also known as the LEx Movement). The programme will also enable the National Lottery Community Fund and the wider sector to continue learning about how people with first-hand experience can become leaders, and how funders can support them.

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