30yrs of DIY Theatre – Telling our stories through film

photo: close up of an older man with grey hair and glasses. He is wearing a bright red t-shirt as are others we can see in the background. He is looking over his glasses at us.

Exploring our past, shaping our futures

Across a series of creative sessions, artists and creative leaders involved in DIY’s core company and Gamechangers programmes are working with film-maker Hilary Easter-Jones to create a film that explores the history and legacy of the company.

As a filmmaker, I’m so grateful that DIY Theatre Company have always invested in capturing the work because it means we have a huge archive to delve into when creating our films. A priceless luxury for any filmmaker.”
Hilary Easter-Jones

photo: there are 3 women all concentrating on a phone. 2 of the women are in wheelchairs.

Participants are selecting historical footage from the archive as well as creating new content through filming interviews and activities.

The film will be launched at the “Exploring our Past, Shaping Our Futures” event on 21st June.

photo: A woman in a blue top made of strips of fabric is holding up an orange bird puppet. The bird has big eyes and beak and there are twinkly lights wrapped around it. close up photo of a young woman. She is wearing a grey baseball cap back to front and is staring at the camera. The background is black and so is her t-shirt which makes the picture very dramatic and serious. photo: we are looking at a dark scene, perhaps a stage. On the right a person dressed in a strange blue and white full length costume is pushing someone in a wheelchair to the left. Above them is a net of lights and the person sitting is looking up at these.


'30 years' in big red and violet letters with 3 balloons on each side. Underneath written smaller '1994-2024'

We’ve got lots of ideas to share and lots of things we want to do!

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Our thanks to the funders who are supporting the projects which will help us celebrate DIY’s 30th Birthday.

Exploring our past, shaping our futures is being funded through the ‘Whose Art, Whose Culture Fund’ – Managed by Salford CVS on behalf of Salford City Council; monies from the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund via Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

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