Sharron Casey, DIY member

photo of Sharron Casey, centre stage in a performance of Following Patient 36.

Sharron, centre stage, talking about choice and identity in a performance of Following Patient 36.

Sharron Casey is a member of our core company and has acted in a number of our productions including “Give me Space”, “Madhouse Re:Exit” and “Following Patient 36”, (follow the links to visit our show pages for each production).

Sharron brings her love of writing to the company and has written several pieces that we have used in our productions. An example is the “So Far Away” piece she wrote and recorded as part of our Following Patient 36 production. The piece describes how Sharron imagines it would feel to live in an institution, far away from your family and friends – you can view this here.

SO FAR AWAY from DIY Theatre Company on Vimeo.



We asked Sharron some questions about herself:

Tell us one of your favourite things about DIY Theatre Co.

Meeting people and going to different theatres and other places with DIY.

Tell us one of the things you are most proud of doing at DIY.

Standing up in front of everybody – like when we did Following Patient 36 in Eccles. Taking part and doing writing.

What else do you do, outside of DIY?

I like helping people where I live now and where I used to live. I help people by doing their shopping and things like that. I’ve been learning BSL and sign language – watching them do the actions. I’ve learnt all sorts.

What motto do you live by?

Family and Friends are the most important things.

Tell us about a piece of performance or visual art that has inspired you.

I liked it when we went to the theatre in Manchester to the Royal Exchange. I liked The House of Bernada Alba by Graeae Theatre Company – it was fantastic. It was all disabled actors – I think they did a fantastic job.

What makes you smile?

When people think I’ve done a good job.