Scott Lawrie – Leadership Profile

Scott’s leadership motto: 

Zoom fast but turn down the speed when necessary”

photo: artistic image which shows the same young man in profile 5 times as if he has moved across the page from left to right. He has short dark hear and is wearing glasses with black frames. He is looking thoughtful and his left hand is raised up. He is in a wheelchair. The image is trasparent and overlaid with a picture of countryside shining through; green grass, trees and grey sky. There is a light orange area that indicates a sunrise in the direction he is travelling.

My favourite thing about being a Gamechanger is… helping young people and I love seeing people achieve what they want to achieve”


My Leadership Memory…  I loved going into Springwood and leading sessions. There was a young person who loved speaking and telling the group what to do before I even had the chance! ”


My leadership photo explained

I love the fact that my photo shows that even in a wheelchair you can still do what other people do and you shouldn’t be left out


Outside of DIY…  I love to DJ and have a rave! ”


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