Mike Corfield – Leadership Profile

photo: a man dressed in a red and black striped jesters costume is sitting cross legged ontop of clouds. If you look closely you can see that there are skull and crossbone images on the black parts. The man is looking at us and holding things in his hands. In one hand he has a dark green bowl with gold symbols on it. This is resting ontop of a small green cushion on the palm of his right hand. In his left hand he is holding up a book sized box. On this we can see 'Chakra Stones' and the silouette of someone sitting with crossed legs. It has lots of different coloured circles on it.

My favourite thing about being a Gamechanger is… helping people to learn new skills.”

Outside of DIY… I love to watch movies and listen to music. I also do a lot of holistic and wellbeing activities like yoga and meditation and I am a Reiki practitioner.”

My leadership photo explained…

I wanted my picture to represent different parts of my personality and my interests.

My leadership memory is…

When a group of Gamechangers went to Salford University and worked with Occupational Therapist students. I liked leading and planning the sessions for the day with Sue and other people at DIY.

It made me feel nervous at first but I soon got into it and felt better after doing it. The students have never worked with people with disabilities. I learnt how to lead and support a session with others, and encourage people to be themselves and to be silly as well as not to be judgemental with anyone.


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