Chloe Crispin

Chloe’s leadership motto: 

I am the Dragon of Confidence”

photo: A young woman in is making a dramatic pose. Her left arm is raised and her fingers are curved like claws. She is wearing a really bright red costume and a matching feather boa which is wrapped round her neck, hanging down her front and is covering most of her left arm. She is looking at the camera but her eyes are not looking in quite the same direction. She has pale curly ginger hair which is tied back from her face. Her lips are open but her teeth are together as if she is about to say something or make a noise.

My favourite thing about being a Gamechanger is… seeing my friends and making people laugh, and catching up about what we’ve been up to. I also like tricking people in games!”

My leadership memory…leading the game change three things with the medical students”

Outside of DIY…  I like going shopping with my family, relaxing, singing and dancing, going to TOP club, watching football and going out for dinner”


My leadership photo explained

I like doing the dragon pose to represent the Welsh dragon, and I like going to Wales on holiday, we have a family caravan. I felt confident in that pose and I am a confident leader.



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