Charlotte Little – Leadership Profile

Charlotte says…

Always look on the Super Mario way of life

photo: A young woman is standing staring at us and smiling. She has rosy cheeks and wavey brown hair with a wonky parting. She isnt wearing any make up. She is drawing our attention to what is in front of her - pointing down at a group of brightly coloured plastic figures. In the group is an orange dinosaur with black studded bracelets, the famous video game character Super Mario who is holding a plunger and a stereo typical princess in pink with a crown. Behind her there are words in black lettering on a blue background. At the top, above her head it says "Take Notice" then there is an orange square with a white question mark just above her head. To her left it says 'Wrong Way' and to her right 'Right Way'.

My favourite thing about being a Gamechanger is… working with young people and using sensory props like buzzers.”

Outside of DIY… I like to look at motorbikes..”

My leadership photo explained…

I chose Super Mario because it’s a battle between two halves, and sometimes drama and leadership can be like that; sometimes you have a good day, sometimes you have a bad day.

My leadership memory is…

Working with medical students, and one doctor in particular sticks with me. A lot of the doctors don’t know people with learning disabilities can be leaders and we prove that to them. I love working with medical students and learning new skills such as new games.



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