Angela Chadwick – Leadership Profile

Angela’s image shows her…

Diving into independence’

photo: A woman with dark sunglasses is sitting in profile on the left of the image. She has blond hair and is wearing a light brown jumper. The background is a strange blue green colour, behind her we can see a large picture of countryside. This becomes less clear to her right where there is a big pile of what looks like pale strips of material. The scene is partly lit by an oblong of light that the woman is holding up above her - this has a streak of light curving donwn to the right as if the photo has captured the motion of her raising the light up.

My favourite thing about being a Gamechanger is… getting out of my flat and supporting other DIY members.”


Outside of DIY… I like to go shopping. My family are also really important to me.”


My leadership memory is…

Working at the hospital school with children there. It made me tearful because the young people didn’t have much access to the arts. It was really important that DIY were there.



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