Working with adults with learning disabilities

New Skills, New Choices 2

Thursdays – 10.30am to 12noon – using Zoom.

photo of Activity Sheet from week 5 which asks to fill the frame with the people in your life and what you do with them

Charlotte’s completed activity sheet for week 5 – “The people in my life and what I do with them.”

Our theme for this spring term will be “My Aspirations and Choices”

Spring term 2021 runs from Thursday 14th January to 25 March (half term 18th Feb).

DIY BUD’s New Skills, New Choices is a drama course for anyone in Salford with a learning Disability, not in work, who wants to develop their skills and experiences.

Contact DIY on if you’re interested in joining us.

Over this ten-week course we will be exploring our choices and aspirations by re-imagining Salford. What kind of place do we want to live in? How do we want to treat each-other? How will we make sure everybody is included?

  • Are you interested in developing your creative skills?
  • Do you want to increase your social and group-work skills?
  • Do you want to improve your confidence?
  • Do you want to develop skills and experiences which will move you further towards the workplace?

New Skills, New Choices will introduce you to new skills, boost your confidence and help you to develop lots of essential and transferrable skills

Sessions are free and are funded through the Greater Manchester ESF Community grant programme.

DIY Theatre Company would like to thank the following organisations for their support for this work:

  • European Union Social Fund (ESF)
  • Workers Education Authority (WEA) with funds granted by the government’s Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Funder logos - ESF (European Social Fund) from the European Union and WEA (the Workers Education Authority)

A picture of a Mandala made by Sharron who used colours which expressed friendship.

Sharron used colours which expressed friendship to make this joyful mandala in the Autumn term.

Next Steps: Communication Through Craft

Thursdays – 2 to 3.30pm – using Zoom.

Contact DIY by emailing, if you are interested in joining us!

Spring term starts on Thursday 14th January and runs till 25 March (half term 18th Feb).

During the 2021 Spring term, over this 10-week course, we will further develop our creative skills by looking at the theme of Spring and Spring Festivals. We will be using revealing and layering techniques like collage and scratch art.

There will be weekly Zoom sessions supported by a series of Creative Resource Packs.

Sessions are free and everyone is welcome!

DIY's Anna and Joan making music

First Steps: Song Making

Wednesdays – 2 to 3.30pm – using Zoom.

Contact DIY by emailing, if you are interested in joining us!

This Spring DIY will be offering an exciting new Song-Making course.

Songwriting will start on Wed 13th January and end 24th March (half term on 17th Feb)

We will be creating our own song on the theme of change and transformation using different musical devices. We will be exploring how music affects our moods, finding out about different instruments and learning about the building blocks of music.

Sessions are free and everyone is welcome!

Our thanks to Community Learning at Salford City College for their support of DIY’s Communication Through Craft and Song-Making courses for adults.

Logo of funder - Community Learning at Salford City College

DIY runs a range of projects and workshops with adults with learning disabilities. We are always keen to work in partnership with other organisations, so please contact us if you would like to discuss possible collaborations or projects.