Arts Award In-House Training

DIY also runs In House Arts Award Training on behalf of Trinity London. We can offer this training at all levels, including the SEN-focussed training.

What is in-house training?

In-House Training is a cost-effective and bespoke approach for organisations that want to train 6 to 15 people.

To be eligible to request an in-house training course, you must meet the following other criteria:

  • in-house training participants are all from one organisation, an existing consortium/membership group, or a direct partnership
  • participants meet the requirements on Trinity’s Arts Award Adviser Person Specification.
  • the course is being offered with a clear strategic rationale and each training participant understands why the group is being trained together
  • the course is not advertised
  • it is clear that the host organisation is not making a profit by running in-house training

In order to run the course you will need to provide:

  • a venue
  • facilities to run the course (ie, venue/appropriate room, table, chairs, computer, wi-fi/internet connection, DVD player, projector, screen, stationery, any other reasonable requirements made by the trainer during the planning of the course.)
  • a course date
  • a minimum of six and maximum of 15 trainees
  • someone to co-ordinate the day and arrange payment, working with the trainer and the Arts Award training team

How do I request an in-house training course?

If you would like DIY Theatre Company to provide your in House training, please contact us to discuss any queries you might have and to identify possible dates and practicalities before submitting your request.

Booking is via the Arts Award website by filling out an Arts Award In House training request form.

After discussing your requirements with us at DIY visit Arts Award’s website to book